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Erasmus Young Entrepreneur Experience at Make The Change

Make The Change is a proud supporter of the European Commission Erasmus Young Young Entrepreneurs Global program and for the past 3 months we had a young entrepreneur from Italy, Katharina, she joined us to have a hands-on experience of working in a social enterprise in Singapore. 

Here at Make The Change, Kat was given the opportunity to oversee and map out the whole customer experience process for our customers.

Kat's tasks were to obtain feedback from our customers to understand how they feel throughout the entire customer journey. This helped Make The Change to improve our customer experience and improve our services.

As this job scope is rather new to her, Kat was grateful that she was able to learn a lot from the MTC team that guided her in the process.

This experience helped opened up her perspective when it comes to customer service and she will implement it when she starts her own company in Italy. 

We are grateful for Kat's support and we wish her the best in her upcoming venture.

If you are looking for experience in the Social Sector, we are always looking for people to join our team.

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