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Internship Experience - Zhenghua Secondary

Make The Change welcomes three students from Zhenghua Secondary.

We’ve had the chance to mentor Abyana, Celeste and Airyl, who were sociable and enthusiastic in learning about social good through MTC’s wide array of programmes.

Their schedule was packed with classes on Social Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Videography For Good. They were able to cultivate new skills while trying out our iPads and Apple Pencils for the first time.

If we weren’t able to have a class together, we’d meet them on Zoom to make sure they were progressing well with their final assignments.

Right after their work attachment, MTC headed down to their school to conduct Digital Arts For All. Using the techniques they had picked up, the interns were readily able to help their classmates.

“The work attachment was very fun and engaging. We were able to learn a lot such as different ways to angle a camera and how we can create our own GIF using Procreate. We were able to also gain experience in a working environment which will help benefit us in the future.”


Looking to start your Social Entrepreneurship career? Come talk to MTC about our internship opportunities!

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