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MTC @ Digital For Life Appreciation Dinner

At the Digital For Life Appreciation Dinner organised by IMDA on 4th November, Make The Change Pte Ltd (MTC) was awarded a certification for DAFA (Digital Arts For All). In late 2017, MTC kickstarted DAFA, an initiative supported by the Media Literacy Council (MLC) to build a digital arts community that serves the purpose of educating the public on media and digital literacy.

DAFA is an inclusive ecosystem of people who use digital arts to instil a stronger consciousness for media and digital literacy through empowering workshops, volunteering opportunities, and showcasing of works to the public.

Built on the foundational values to Be safe, Be smart and Be kind, we encourage everyone to embrace their own creativity and participate in various programmes designed to welcome different facets of society.

MTC is grateful for the opportunity to run such a meaningful initiative and would strive to ensure that DAFA will expand its outreach to a bigger and wider pool of audience.

Read more about our DAFA initiatives here.


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Richard Gere
Richard Gere
May 20, 2023

We are leading property consultants specialising in residential sales, lettings & property management. We currently operate in the UK & abroad with international affiliation offering a global reach and exclusive service to clients around the world.

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