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MTC is recognised as one of the B Corps Best for the World™️ 2021!

After all the tremendous amount of effort, we can now celebrate that we are recognised as one of the B Corps’ Best for the World™️ 2021.

Among the socially responsible companies in Singapore, Make The Change (MTC) has one of the highest B Impact Scores.

And we couldn’t have done it without the commitment and professionalism of our dedicated team!

MTC is an award-winning social enterprise that focuses on integrating their creative arm, Change Agency, to aid in their continuous endeavours in community programmes. As a strong advocate of doing business for good, our priorities include always offering affordable and integrated solutions in design, marketing, and digital advertising.

With the constant support of our clients, we have been able to plough-back a portion of our profits to continually run community projects with positive impact such as our Persons With Disabilities (PWD) incubator programme, as well as upskilling and providing work opportunities for refugees in Indonesia.

“Change Agency had good clientele and review, the work was done fast and with great quality.” Sally Choo, Manager at Silver Ribbon shared.

Another long-time client, The Ascott Limited also had this to say about us: “A reliable vendor AScott has been working with for many years. The work is always creative and pushes the boundaries of creativity.”

We are truly grateful for the words of encouragement and support from every single one of our clients.

As such, we always remember to give back when we can, however we can.

MTC Give Back has offered pro-bono creative services to agencies like Club Rainbow (Singapore), Silver Ribbon, YWCA Singapore and Bright Vision Hospital.

We also provide subsidised rates to clients in NGOs and SSAs for all creative services as we are believers and supporters of the good work that these organisations are advocates of.

On top of that, a major focus of MTC is educating people on the varying uses of iPads, such as

  • In media literacy and digital art in primary and secondary schools;

  • In content writing, communication design and marketing with persons with disabilities PWDs; and

  • In social entrepreneurship, digital art and thinking and social media for good to the public

MTC’s social initiative was even highlighted by Communications and Information Minister S Iswaran, saying that “The work of strengthening digital literacy in Singapore is an ongoing effort and we want to catalyse more ground-up initiatives.”

Thanks to all the concerted effort, MTC is B-Corp certified and continues to ensure that their belief and purpose will be what guides them moving forward.

B-Corps are part of a pioneering movement for organisations to stake claim as socially responsible businesses.

The community ‘works toward reduced inequality, lower levels of poverty, a healthier environment, stronger communities, and the creation of more high quality jobs with dignity and purpose.’

“For B-Corporations [and] social businesses it’s much more than the social mission, social impact focus is in the core [values] of the company.” expressed Christopher Marquis, professor at SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University and author of Better Business.

“Business giving or social responsibility is really about businesses trying to imagine what kind of good they can create by doing what they’re doing.” explained Masami Sato, co-founder of B1G1.

“In this world today, the most important thing is that we realise we are in this together; and we are here in our own unique ways to collaborate with each other so we can create a really sustainable, fulfilling world together.”

“I have always been driven to stand for a higher purpose, not take anything for granted and work hard to create a lasting impact.” said Jacqui Hocking, CEO and Storyteller of Vision Strategy Storytelling (or VS Story).

“My personal objective is to get more people inspired to do the free B Impact assessment and start thinking about things beyond profit for their startups.”

“One of the nice things about the B-Corps certification process is that it gives you structure and makes you really kind of think about things more seriously.” expressed Tom Greenwood, co-founder of Wholegrain Digital, London’s original WordPress Agency.

Let’s continue to build a better world!


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