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MTC Visits Her Alumna!

This month, we managed to have a short catch-up with our alumna (singular noun for a female graduate, fyi) student, Eloise, to see what she’s been up to.

Being part of our pioneer batch, Eloise went through Make The Change's (MTC) Essential Communications course under our two lecturers, Andy and Wendy. In collaboration with SGEnable, the programme was offered as an viable option for individuals with a heart for design and aesthetics.

Eloise started her first ever job shortly after, and her working experience included a learning process of transiting between education and work. Typically, she undertakes a new assignment every week. To weave design elements and ideas together, she researches for separate elements to get inspiration for the piece, and manifest the ideas through Adobe Illustrator. An example of such an assignment is a graphic illustration for a blog.

Just like many budding designers out there, Eloise came a long way to get to where she is today. Her journey has never quite been a bed of roses. When asked about what inspired or motivated her to sign up for the course in the beginning, she remembered feeling scared and unsure. Prior to this, she has been seeking job opportunities for over a year but the doors opened for her were not the ones that she was interested in. As her primary interest lies in design, she preserved in the pursuit and tapped on her knowledge gleaned from previous multimedia classes conducted by SPD.

She signed up with a "Why not?" mentality when SGEnable notified her of this new programme.

Big dreams certainly start small. Life took her by surprise as a light hop towards design gradually built her up to accepting and participating in design projects.

Recalling the classes, Eloise brought up the steep learning curve and how she challenged herself to adapt to varying deadlines. Other than posters, she has also been exposed to various mediums such as social media platforms, envelope and name cards. Her favourite one so far has to be the one on logos, and her least favorite one being web design.The lecturers pioneered an open and friendly culture for the students to ask and learn along the way.

Before we left, we asked about where she saw herself in the future designing industry. She envisions herself to take one step at a time, being present in every moment to experience the entire journey as much as possible.


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