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The Key to Designing Environments: Reading up on Singapore's Enabling Village

Artwork by Make The Change

Other then Golden Village, Bugis Village, Holland Village and the last Kampong in Singapore (Lorong Buangkok), our little red dot is also home to the newly designed Enabling Village.

The design of Enabling Village is unlike any kampong - it is a space that intricately embraces and facilitates participation by visitors with disabilities. It is a village where everyone and anyone can fit in. When an environment is designed with such high sensitivity to needs and suitability, it creates a space that is inviting for the able-bodied and disabled alike.

The heart behind this project draws out the essence of what a village is - authentic, homely and welcoming to all.

Truly honouring the idea that every single individual brings a different flavour to the table, this space has been designed with lifestyle, architecture, technology and user experience in mind.

Amenities such as wheelchair-friendly washrooms serve to maximise use and freedom of movement.

Given this environment, the Enabling Village goes further to foster its community by facilitating workshops and classes for the disabled so as to bridge them back into society with skills of their own.

We are happy to have a part to play in this larger ecosystem by opening up possibilites from the creative industry. Offering taliored programmes in digital marketing, design and website/ e-commerce, we believe in holding the door of opportunity wider so that more can love what they do, and do what they love.


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