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Social Entrepreneurship 101

Participants will be introduced to the various types of social enterprises, case studies on innovative ways to solve social problems, measuring social impact, different ways to get funding and much more about being an entrepreneur of a social enterprise.

Apart from generating profits for the organization, a social enterprise seeks to address a certain social issue with extraordinary ideas and solutions.

What will you learn?

A hands-on workshop that will inspire participants to start doing instead of dreaming! We introduce and expound on the notions and definitions of a social enterprise.

  • Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship in Singapore

  • Types of Social Enterprises

  • Social problems and benefits enterprises can bring

  • Creative Thinking for Innovation

  • Funding a Social Enterprise

  • Digital Marketing & Story-telling

  • Measuring Social Impact



Thanks for having me at the workshop! It was very informative and the materials shared are proving to be extremely useful in business application.

Rachel Arysa
International SOS / Office & Events Management Professional

Social Entrepreneurship 101 is a great way to find our footing as we desire to make an impact to the society. It combines a good mix of theory, live examples and case studies that makes it enriching, inspiring yet realistic. If you are someone who feels that you can make a change in this world but just can't find the way through it, this is a very good starting point.

Genie Osorio
McDonalds Singapore / Director, Strategy

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Begin your social entrepreneurship journey with us today!
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