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Competition Overview


The Better Internet Campaign is all about gathering like-minded people to create a safer, better internet for everyone.

This edition of the Design For Good Youth Competition will examine how to counter issues faced in the cyber world and embrace positivity online. Studies have shown that positive self-image and building relationships are critical protective factors.

Project Description

Using the mediums listed, create awareness on how to embrace positivity on the internet and use ways to combat issues youth may face in the cyber world.


  • Leading by example

  • Tactfully Calling out negative behaviour

  • Having a positive self-image

  • Building and knowing your support system


For more info, please visit:

Creative Objectives

Desired Audience Response

Advocate for positive internet use and create awareness of protective measures one can adopt to avoid falling victim to possible challenges on the internet.

The audience (youths) needs to take action and implement the advice given to use the internet better.



Category 1 & 2

To design and craft a communicative poster using one of the following methods:

  • Digital (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)

  • Poster Colour Collage

  • Water Colouring

  • Pencil Colouring

For non-digital works, a Scan version or picture of artwork is required.


*Category 1 is for primary school students, and Category 2 is open to secondary school students.



Category 3

To design and craft a communicative short animation, the criteria are as such:

  • It can be in GIF format or any other video format

  • Duration no longer than 30sec


*Category 3 is open to secondary school students.

Judging Criteria

  • Meeting Creative Objective (40%)

  • Creativity (40%)

  • Craftsmanship (20%)


  • All submissions are to be completed before 1September 2023

  • Incomplete or inappropriate submissions will be rejected


  • Individual submissions by students can be entered here

  • For teachers submitting multiple entries, please send them via email to 
    Name filing is to be done in the following manner: NAME OF STUDENT – SCHOOL on jpg or PDF format

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