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Augmented Reality Workshop

Image by Patrick Schneider

Learn the fundamentals of Augmented Reality with this hands-on workshop

Session 1
Build a conceptual understanding of AR
Explore how AR is being used in industry.
Explore and apply Human Interface Design Principles of Augmented Reality
Understand what USDZ files are and how they can be viewed with AR Quicklook

Session 2
Explore the following essential tools within Reality Composer:
Settings and Orientation
Naming conventions for objects, scenes, and behaviors
Creating Content with Scale and physical environment in mind
Simple Behaviours
Simple Triggers

Session 3
Work through the design thinking process to brainstorm ideas for a new AR product.
This includes outlining the User's target audience
Planning of triggers and behaviors required in product development
Detail Design Principles applied in AR scene
Acquire feedback from users
Create a video showcasing the AR experience from user's point of view

Course fee: $2691 before GST per class

Class size: Group booking up to 30 pax

Course delivery: At customer location, delivered in 2 half days or 1 full day.

Learn how you can use Augmented Reality
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