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Impact Report

Financial Year 2021/2022 
(1 June 2021 - 30 June 2022)

Provide inclusive and equitable quality education to promote better employability and lifelong learning

2,255 Participants

Involved in our MTC programmes.Youth, Persons With Disabilities, Refugees, General Public

SGD $2,525.85

Offered in scholarships for students coming from marginalized groups

E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-08.png
Promote inclusive hiring and gainful employment.  Support sustainable economic growth.

28 Persons with Disabilities 
Attended job readiness creative programme

89 Refugees  
Attended job readiness creative programme

E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-10.png
Reduce inequality through Inclusive Hiring

36% of Staff 

From vulnerable communities

73% of Female Staff 

27% of Male Staff 

E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-17.png
Pro-Bono Services

Creative Services 

SGD $35,197.20  
In savings to Social Service Agencies

299 Hours  

of MTC Volunteering (Skills Volunteering, Community Work, and Mentorship)

15.33 Hours 
on average MTC staff took part in Volunteering activities 

109 Organisations  
trained in CSR strategy and impact

160 Participants
rained in CSR strategy and impact

58% of Annual Revenue  

comes from organizations and projects supporting social needs communities

E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-13.png
Carbon offsets through tree planting (by Eco-matcher)

500 tonnes C02 

of carbon sequestered over lifetime*

E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-15.png
Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.

Planted 2,000 Trees   
In Indonesia and the Philippines

Image by Spencer  Watson

Our Progress towards Net Zero

Net Zero Logo.png

We are committed to reducing our emissions by 2030 and have developed a plan to help achieve the target.

You can read it HERE.

Financial Year 2023/2023 Goals


on Savings for Social Service Agencies


Pro-Bono Creative Projects


Hours of volunteering


Organisation involved for CSR and Impact

Reduce Scope 3 Emissions

Let's make an impact together!
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