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We empower and transform community through design.


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Creative Services
We offer a minimum of 30% discount off our services to NGOs, Social Service Agencies and Social Enterprises. Once every quarter, we offer a pro-bono creative services package to a selected Social Service Agency.
Organizations that had benefited from the MTC Give Back Pro-Bono Program:
  • Club Rainbow (Singapore) 
  • World Toilet Organization
  • Relay Majulah
  • Silver Ribbon
  • YWCA Singapore
  • Bright Vision Hospital
  • Acorn Quest
Looking for pro-bono creative services?
Community Development
We offer scholarships and mentorships to:
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • Youth
  • Marginalized Groups
We conduct a complimentary Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation workshop for the community that is facing challenges and want to start a business. 
Our team has offered pro-bono advices for:
  • Scape
  • Solutions to End Poverty
  • Secondary School Students
  • Polytechnic Students
Looking for pro-bono creative services?