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All our lecturers are Social Entrepreneurs, hence, they are able to share real examples of running a business. What you will learn can be implemented in real life projects during the course. Join us today and be a part of the changemaker community of learners!

Changemaker Mentorship

Transform your treasure trove of community-changing ideas by sowing your seeds here with us. Don't let them stay as mere dreams! 

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Design Thinking

Participants will get to learn about the framework of design thinking and how this approach can evoke fresh perspectives and insights for the designer.

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Digital Drawing

Digital Drawing is a powerful medium of communication for individuals to express themselves and connect with others.

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Digital Arts For All

An inclusive ecosystem of people who use digital arts to instill a stronger consciousness for media and digital literacy through empowering workshops, volunteering opportunities and showcasing of works to the public.


We aim to equip students with skills in Design Thinking, Business Planning, and Enhancement of Web-User Experiences through this programme.

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Social Entrepreneurship

We introduce and expound on the notions and definitions of a social enterprise.

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Social Media For Good

This programme is created for youths to consciously engage and promote social awareness as active citizens, leveraging on their personal publishing spaces.

Take this chance. Let's learn together! 
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