Content Writing Programme

The Content Writing Programme is a hands on programme that will allow participants to move to the next stage of their career. In this digital age most of the companies have an online presence and they need content to connect with their audiences. This programme will empower participants to learn the skills to create content to connect with audiences and help brands. This programme is and advance programme that will allow participants to elevate their career. For attending this programme participants need to have good level of english and be digitally savvy.

We work with our partners and networks to matchmake graduates with potential internships and employment upon completion of the course. ​​

5 months
(182 hours)
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The Power of Storytelling

How to tell stories on and impact way. In a world of information overload, noise and hype, stories can cut through the clutter, in this module students will learn how to get the message across, and influence people. Stories can get you jobs, customers, partners, and investors.

How to create visual assets

This module will empower participants to create hi-impact visual content. From high-impact infographics to interactive images.
Visual assets are an essential tool for having a successful and impactful campaign. This module will cover the fundamentals of Visual Literacy and will empower participants to create visual assets using existing platforms or templates like:
Adobe Spark Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator

How to plan and create content

Did you know that 63% of businesses don’t have a documented content marketing strategy? That’s according to the latest research from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs. It’s no surprise that majority of the companies who DO have a strategy are most likely to feel that their content marketing efforts are successful. Without a strategy, success or failure is just a matter of luck – and you risk all your efforts going to waste. This module will cover: - Content Creation Framework
- Planning a Long Term Content Strategy - Generating Content Ideas

How to create a Successful Video Marketing Strategy

A video strategy is very important for a great social media strategy. Video for social media has many elements that will help drive engagement in social media. This module will empower students to learn what things to focus and what tools they need to use to create content. This module will cover many different social media video strategies, content types and tips for your preferred social networks–including the channels that work best.

Copywriting for blogs and website

Creating Quality Blog Content, the audiences love to read and share. This module will empower participants to learn how to write a blog post that piqued a reader’s interest and kept their curiosity throughout the entire post. Blogging is an art, from having an eye-catching headline to making sure your post is easily scannable to giving your readers a call-to-action that’s meaningful and powerful, blogging isn’t just another journal entry. It’s a place to share your experiences, offer tips and make a real difference. Blogging can also be a great content marketing tool – a place to show your expertise – where you can make money, help people, and connect with others just like you.

How to Effectively promote content

Content promotion is the distribution of content through a variety of media channels. Some channels include social media networks, blogs, email, and live events, just to name a few. As a content marketer, it’s important to understand how to leverage promotion channels in order to drive website traffic, improve engagement from audience members, prospects, and customers, and aid buyers in making purchase decisions with your business. This module will also cover:
- Extending the value of your content through repurposing - Creating Topic Clusters and Pillar Pages
- Building a guest blogging strategy powered by SEO

Measuring and Analysing Content

This module will empower participants to learn the three reasons why content and its performance should always be looked at with a keen eye:
1. it can help you find out if your marketing efforts are driving the needle on sales
2. it can help you discover insights and determine where to go next
3. it allows document and report on progress for future use cases. Without a close look into the performance of the social media messaging, the content offers, or the advertising, there will be no evidence that the great content created is actually working. This module will provide students will tools to analyse the content and close the lips on the day to day marketing efforts.

Industrial Orientation Programme

This module will allow students to have a hands-on experience on how to work with a real client’s brief on digital marketing. Students will receive a brief from the company representatives and together with the lecturer will come with a digital marketing plan that will be shared with the company representatives at the end of the module.

Course Modules



It opens a window of opportunity for us to gain useful and relevant insights from on industry standards and practices from industry experts and practitioner.

Lezann Ye Yu Qi
PWD Graduate

Our programmes are approved and eligible for SkillsFuture Credit.

  • The course is only applicable to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.

  • Course fee funding is only available for persons with disabilities.

  • Persons with disabilities refer to those with autism spectrum disorder; intellectual disabilities; physical disabilities; hearing impairment; and visual impairment.

  • Trainees may receive a training allowance, subject to attendance and other terms and conditions.

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