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Design Brief


The Better Internet Campaign is all about gathering like-minded people to create a safer, better internet for everyone.

Based on our 4 core values of Empathy, Respect, Responsibility, and Integrity, the Better Internet Campaign raises awareness of cyber wellness issues that affect all of us and encourages internet users to unite and play their part in creating a safer, better internet for everyone.

Project Description

Creative Objectives

Desired Audience Response

Create awareness to advocate for the Better Internet Campaign focusing on the 3 values:

  • Be Kind

  • Be Smart

  • Be Safe

For more info, please visit:

Create awareness for the better use of the internet and promoting the values of: Be Kind, Be Smart and Be Safe through public education.

The audience needs to take action and implement the advice given to use the internet better.



To design and craft a communicative poster using one of the following methods:

  • Digital (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc)

  • Poster Colour Collage

  • Marker Rendering

  • Wood Burning

  • Water Colouring

  • Pencil Colouring

For not digital works, Scan version or picture of art work is allowed.

Digital Submissions 

Please send via email to

Name filing to be done in the following manner:

NAME OF STUDENT – SCHOOL on jpg or PDF format

Judging Criteria

  • Meeting Creative Objective (40%)

  • Creativity (40%)

  • Craftsmanship (20%)


  • All submissions are to be completed before 15 June 2021

  • Incomplete or inappropriate submission will be rejected

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