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Vendors Selection 

As a Social Enterprise, our target is to use local suppliers for all our projects.

We have the target:

85% of our vendors are local

60% of our vendors have a social mission

Selection Criteria

The Selection process criteria are as follows:


- Vendor is in compliance with local laws  - 30%

- Vendor positive practices beyond required by law  - 10%

- Vendor has third-party certifications - 20%

- Vendor is a social enterprise - 20%

- Vendor is a local  - 30%

Once the information is submitted, the MTC Internal Audit team will review and approve it.

Selection criteria will be based on 50% social score and 50% price selection.

Are you a vendor that is supporting underserved suppliers?

Report for
FY 20/21

% of Local Vendors


% of Vendors with a Social Cause


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