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New Media Competition

Using Technology to Create Impact

The New Media Competition presents an excellent opportunity for students to demonstrate their ability to utilize technology to make a positive impact on society. In this competition, students will create a Social Media Campaign to raise awareness for the MDAS (Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore).

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About MDAS

Problem Statements

Teams must choose a single problem statement and develop their deliverables accordingly.

MDAS (Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore)) was founded in 2000 to provide care and support to people with Muscular Dystrophy (MD) in Singapore. We are committed to providing health and public education on MD as well as supporting medical research.

1. Creating Awareness for Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular Dystrophy is an illness that is often overlooked. By raising awareness for this social cause, we can educate people on how to care for their loved ones who are affected by it and the general population.

2. Recruit volunteers to support MDAS

MDAS runs several programs and is constantly seeking volunteers to support its activities. By supporting this social cause, you will aid in recruiting volunteers.

3. Fundraising

MDAS is a social service agency that relies on donations. By choosing this cause, you can create a fundraising campaign.



Category 1 - Primary Schools

(Teams of three students)

  1. Poster (Digital Drawing) to create awareness of any of the Problem Statements

  2. Video incorporating AR to create awareness of any of the Problem Statements

Category 2 - Secondary Schools

(Teams of four students)

  1. Social Media Campaign - 1 month of content (10 - 15 posts)

  2. One Podcast Episode highlighting the problem statement  you are supporting and how people can get involved to support (10 min podcast)

  3. One video using AR elements to showcase the problem statement (1 min)

  4. One video showcasing your campaign ideas (3 - 5 min)

  5. Keynote Presentation to summarise all the work you created

  6. Create a USDZ file experience on a Website (Optional)

Entries Submission


Upload your entry HERE


The files need to be in the same Zip file folder and follow the following naming convention:


Judging Criteria

  • Creativity 

  • Execution of project deliverables

  • Feasibiltiy


Category 1 - Primary Schools

  • Most Creative Entry

  • Best Digital Drawing Poster

  • Best Video

Category 2 - Secondary Schools

  • Most Creative Entry

  • Best Campaign execution

  • Best Video

  • Best use of AR  (USDZ file experience on a website)


  • 15 September 2023

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