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Summer at Make The Change — Internship Stories — Xin Yan and Yu Ting - Raffles Girls School

Hello! We are Xin yan and Yu Ting, two students from Raffles Girls School, who were part of a two-week internship with Make the Change during the June holidays.

Our goal before joining Make the Change was to gain more insights on the running of a social enterprise, as well as pick up some digital marketing and graphic design skills. However, we left with much more than that.

For our day to day work, we were invited to assist in some of the actual projects Make the Change was working on, and this allowed us to not only have a better understanding of the work a social enterprise does, but also gave us the opportunity to contribute ideas towards some of the team’s marketing strategies!

This unique and rewarding first-hand experience was more than enough to give us a thorough understanding of what a social organisation really encompasses, which is both creativity and a commitment to service.

As for the other projects that we worked on, we were tasked to do research and source for potential clients, giving us a platform to hone our research skills as we had to search for resources related to marketing online to aid us in our work.

At the same time, we learnt skills outside our field of involvement, such as art skills, as we participated in some of Make the Change’s art design classes and the Digital Arts For All Programme. At MWS Charis Ace, we helped in facilitating the media literacy and digital art workshop, where we interacted with the elderly at the daycare centre and clarified any of their doubts.

We also took part in a workshop conducted by a deaf instructor, Isaac, and learnt not just about digital art, but also his story and journey as a deaf artist.

These initiatives, which are the behind-the-scenes aspects of social enterprises like Make the Change, truly show how much Make the Change has given back to the community in their own way, so as to help improve the lives of the members of the community.

Most importantly, we managed to forge deep friendships with our fellow amiable and caring colleagues, who have done their utmost to mentor us in any way possible and guide us in our Make the Change journey, and we are extremely grateful for the patience and care that they have showed us every step of the way in our journey as interns.

Make the Change really amazed us with the amount of effort that is being put into every product that they work on. Not only is their team dedicated and collaborative, they also make sure the product is completed to the best of their ability. They always look for and listen to suggestions and ideas from each other before a final draft is released, and we believe that this is because of their strong common identity they have in giving back to the community.

All in all, our experience with Make The Change has been a very fruitful and enjoyable one, and we are glad that we had been given the opportunity to work with such a tightly-knit and professional team!


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