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Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to create an impact on a group of young adults through teaching? As a freelance trainer, you will have the opportunity to inspire and conduct educational programmes to primary and/or secondary school students.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Trainer

  • Help them understand key concepts, especially those learned in the programme, to ensure that the students progress through the program

  • Provide students with positive and constructive feedback

  • Building meaningful connections with students from diverse backgrounds

  • Recognizing different learning styles and student preferences to customize the lesson accordingly

  • Work closely with school teachers to maintain good working relationships.

  • Submit reports occasionally to document the student's progress and performance.

Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Possess at least a diploma or A Level certificate

  • Proficient in Apple native applications (eg. Keynote, Numbers, Pages) to conduct training presentations are an advantage but not necessary

  • Knowledge in areas such as Social Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, Digital Storytelling, Digital Drawing, etc is advantageous but not necessary

  • Prior experience as a trainer, teacher, instructor, or facilitator is advantageous but not necessary

  • Must have good problem-solving, decision-making, and classroom management skills, along to manage a class

  • Must be flexible, highly adaptable, and able to work in a fast-paced environment Must be comfortable with public speaking to a class of at least 30 students

  • Must have the ability to engage students in discussions during sessions

  • Must be proactive and have strong interpersonal skills


  • $40-70/h for all non-experienced trainers (Salary will be adjusted according to the level of experience in teaching)

Other notes

  • Educational programmes are usually conducted on Weekdays afternoon during school terms, and on Weekdays morning during school vacation breaks.

  • All content materials and training will be provided before the trainer is assigned a programme.

  • The trainer is expected to commit for the entire duration of the schedule that is agreed on.

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