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10 things to do during the circuit breaker period!

Don’t know what to do during this circuit breaker period? We got you covered with 10 things to do!

1. Marie Kondo your room

Now that you are stuck at home, the clutter in your room is probably an eyesore, especially when you are looking for a suitable area to study or work. Use the time you have at home to Marie Kondo your room. Start from getting rid of all the trash you have lying around and slowly make your way around to clean out unnecessary items. If the item you are holding on hand no longer spark joy, get rid of it! You will feel much happier and relaxed once you see a clean and decluttered room.

2. Create an exercise routine

If you continue to lie on bed and snack during this stay at home period, by the end of it, you might not be able to fit into your favourite outfit anymore. As we are all advised to stay at home, you will not get the incidental exercises you normally do when you travel to school or work, so it is important to remain active while at home! Just create a simple exercise routine to follow everyday and stick with it. Start your day with a 15 minute workout and it can keep you focused for the rest of the day.

3. Start a journal

Now is a great time to start a habit of penning down your feelings and thoughts. It is an inexpensive habit to pick up as all you need is a pen and a notebook, or just type it down on your phone. Journal writing helps you connect better with your values, goals, and emotions. It also helps you to keep track of your personal growth and development.

4. Read

Reading is a very good hobby to pick up. A good book can keep you occupied for hours and you can learn a lot from a single book. Take this chance to brush up your vocabulary as well and *wow* all your friends the next time you meet them. Here are some book recommendation:

  1. To Kill a Mockingbird (Fiction)

  2. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Fiction)

  3. When Breath Becomes Air (Biography)

  4. The Moment of Lift (Biography)

  5. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind (Non Fiction)

5. Draw

Pass time by drawing! Creating a masterpiece requires time and you have it during this circuit breaker period. You can also use this time to try out a new style of drawing like digital drawing. Experiment with different styles of drawing and build your portfolio.

Want to showcase your talent? Join our MTC Design For Good Youth Competition! Create an artwork that speaks for a better and safer online space. Winners stand to win a chance to hone their artistic skills with creative professionals. Click here to learn more!

6. Upskill yourself

You have time while staying at home to learn a new skill, why not seize that opportunity? Always have an interest in editing videos? Take advantage of Adobe 7 days free trial and download Premiere Pro. There are many videos on YouTube that teach you different tips and tricks when it comes to editing. By the end of this circuit breaker, you can *humble* brag to everyone you know how to edit videos like a pro.

7. Learn a new language

Have you been watching Korean dramas all day long? Why not take this chance to learn Korean or any language you find interesting! Sign up for an online class or download Duolingo. Just spare 30 minutes every day and after 1 month, you can definitely master the basics of the new language.

8. Try a new recipe like dalgona coffee

You have probably seen many 3 ingredient recipes trending online (especially on TikTok) during this pandemic as everyone is finding ways to relieve their boredom. You should try it too! A recipe like the dalgona coffee does not take very long to make and you can experiment with different ingredients.

9. Catch up on the shows/movies

There are so many shows available online to keep you occupied amidst this trying period. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (6 seasons)

  2. Friends (10 seasons)

  3. Crash Landing On You (16 episodes)

  4. Itaewon Class (16 episodes)

  5. Spirited Away

10. Zoom karaoke

Miss having karaoke sessions with your friends? Try Zoom Karaoke! Gather all your singing buddies, create a Zoom call, pick a song, and sing away! You can still have fun with your friends while staying at home.

There are many more activities and things you can do while staying at home. Let’s do our part to flatten the curve and prevent spread of the virus. You can still stay connected and have fun. Stay safe and responsible.


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