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3 New Year’s Resolutions to Take The Chance, Make The Change

The general sensing of 2018 flickers a warm touch for those of us at Make The Change.

At the beginning of every new year, #newyeargoals help us to reflect on our past year and refresh our perspectives for the next.

Seeing how we always had 3 main pillars of impact, there is little surprise that we would come up with 3 resolutions for the new year ;)

In the shortest and sweetest sense, 2018 is about growing wisely.

Here comes our 3 New Year resolutions:

1. Use what we know to lift others up

Creative Services

Stepping into our fifth year, Make The Change has been narrowing the gap in the social service sector through the provision of creative services. More often than not, many amazing social services organisations regretfully sell themselves short in communicating their vision, services and why they do what they do.

Sometimes a simple, minimalistic brochure or a succinct 30-second video can reflect the gold of the changemaker.

Be it an appreciation of a group of dedicated volunteers or the creative documentation of an annual event, creative services help to sharpen the sword so that the social service sector can fight better, from victory ground.

Not only is branding crucial to the sustainable growth and advocacy of these fighters, they help to strengthen their competitiveness in the marketplace as well. Many of these organisations have very lean teams, and they often require advice from a seasoned designer’s perspective to generate value for financial and social sustainability.

That’s the gap that MTC envisioned ourselves to fill, and we aspire to reach out to more social service organisations in 2018.

Sieving out the gold of our clients with storytelling, we will also multiply our impact with the MTC Give Back Programme, where we provide creative service packages for free.

2. Spend quality time with our changemaker community

Community Development

The MTC team has always been thankful for the opportunities and platforms given for us to grow. Last year witnessed robust development as we took on more projects, workshops, programmes and courses for schools and social service organisations. In addition, talks were peppered throughout the year to gather passionate minds, challenge the status quo and inspire change.

Maintaining a few of our existing collaborations, we want to spend some quality time with our friends who have supported us all these while. Bringing our family forward together, we will be taking on a few more projects in 2018 with the plan of building an eventual, sustainable ecosystem for good.

3. Be the bridge connecting social service organisations to the marketplace

Corporate Social Responsibility

The traditional lines separating business, government and the civil society have been smudging over the years, and more are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of partnerships and cross-sectoral collaboration.

Social enterprises land on this exciting space; there is so much potential when we connect the right people to the right place at the right time. In 2018, we see ourselves as a bridge to bring the social service sector closer to the marketplace.

Be it through our DFG marketplace, where we function as a business solution to develop quality products and services for social service organisations, or our CSR (corporate social responsibility) projects that aspire to create an MTC chapter in every corporate setting, we see so much potential in connecting and facilitating these conversations.

All in all, our new year resolutions resonate with growing wisely. We are excited to see how our year will unfold as we continue to use what is in our hands to help others, celebrate our community and reach out to new partners.


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