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Bringing Design to PwDs – Andy Xu

Andy Xu

If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than who you are.

– Master Shifu, Kungfu Panda

Just as Po’s has his wise Master Shifu, MTC is home to two outstanding lecturers with big hearts to teach, share and impart skills. Following Wendy, our next lecturer-interviewee is Andy Xu.

Teaching our classes in Digital Marketing, Andy has been a walking inspiration to both students and the MTC crew.

Let’s hear what Andy has to say!

Q1: Hi Andy! Thank you for taking time out for this interview! How do you feel, now that your classes are coming to an end?

It felt like a new beginning! I reviewed works that inspired me, made friends, understood and learnt more about the differences.

Q2: What were your thoughts and considerations when you first decided to take on this class?

It definitely not what I was expecting. Unlike MAD school and MDAS, the students here (SG Enable) come from various backgrounds. So it is more about adapting and changing the way I share my design knowledge with them. Similarly, this would draft out a different set of expectations and goals.

It was a challenge to both the students and I. I told the students to set a common goal for all of us, and that is to learn and be open to suggestions. Any feedback from peers and lecturers is a channel for improvement. Nothing negative there, especially when we judge works and give constructive feedback. This way, it eliminates negative energy in class. This helps students to understand in class it is a safe and positive zone where they can use their creativity to create things that they didn't know they are actually good at.

Q3: Are there any differences between teaching this class of PwDs and your previous ones? If yes, what are they?

Definitely. The various backgrounds and conditions require relevant adjustments and familiarisation.

Q4: Has this class changed or inspired you in any way?

Yes. As a brand designer, you need to know the insights of both companies and consumers. Each time you engage with a company CEO or a diehard fan of a product, you are living in their world, understanding their uniqueness. The same applies to the classroom. During our lunch time and break time, I found out that one of my student is a math genius. Give him figures and he can sum it up for you. Give him particular dates, he can calculate and tells you what day is it.

Q5: I am sure your classes have been engaging and interesting. Tell us about some of the funny incidents that happened!

A student came to me and said, "All my tools in photoshop is gone. Gone!" So I went to his computer and realised that it was one of the settings that he accidentally clicked on..I guess that shows how much he want to get his hands on? :)

Q6: In your opinion, what are the main challenges that our graduates will face when they venture out into the workplace? How can we help to bridge that gap?

In my opinion, these fundamental courses prepare them with a good foundation. They will probably face difficulties in going deeper with design ideation and conceptualisation. I would suggest for them to continue exploring design. In this era, more appreciate design-thinking than before. Hence, it is important to continue learning everyday.

Q7: Lastly, what would you like to say to your graduating batch of students?

Good is the enemy of great. Be divine discontent. And continue to improve yourself, I wish you all the best!


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