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Conversation of Change Episode #24: GoodWhale’s B Corp Certification Journey and Its Power to Empower Communities Financially

Join our host, Nabilah, as she talks to Eric, a visionary leader from GoodWhale. He shares inspiring insights about his organization’s mission to revolutionize financial literacy and investing education, with a particular focus on helping tech-savvy individuals to fulfil their financial goals.

Fathom the depth of social impact with Eric, as he narrates GoodWhale’s journey towards achieving B Corp certification. Recognizing the seamless alignment of GoodWhale's objectives with impact-driven values, Eric stresses the importance of making a social impact as a B Corp company. He even elaborates on grappling with the initial challenges of balancing profit generation with social value creation.

Eric addresses the various pillars that B Corp certification entails. Drawing inspiration from Duolingo's business model, GoodWhale looks to provide a similar impact using a sustainable model. Eric advocates care while considering investment options and GoodWhale's aspiration to become everyone's trusted 'life investing companion'.

In this in-depth conversation, embrace the opportunity to learn more about how GoodWhale cultivates financial literacy as a fundamental right, the role of AI in personalizing financial education, and the organization's march towards B Corp certification.

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