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Creative Things For Kids To Do While Staying At Home

The holidays are here! A lot of us aren’t happy to be cooped up at home but it doesn’t mean you’re limited to doing the same old thing. This June, keep your kids’ spirits up by planning a fun-filled holiday. We’ve got a couple of ideas for creative activities just for you.

What better way to make lasting memories than having your kids discover new experiences?

Here are 5 of our suggestions on what you can do:

Camp out in the living room

We shouldn’t assume camping can only be done outdoors. You simply need the right ambiance. It all starts with food, especially s’mores (biscuits, toasted marshmallows and chocolate sauce) and hot chocolate (you can never have too much).

Then you and your kids could have quality bonding by playing old school board games. Next, get out sleeping bags, pillows, blankets and pyjamas. If you have some fairy lights, stick them on your ceiling.

To keep the forest feel, prepare a playlist with sounds of nature (we highly recommend rain!) and just push your potted plants together. And remember the most important thing: no WiFi or 4G!


It’s simple and one word but it can do so much for us. After all, “A true artist is not one who is inspired but one who inspires others.” says Dali.

As we self-isolate at home, it’s obvious that what we see will become so incredibly mundane. Did you ever think, it doesn’t have to be? One landscape can be admired in many different ways and there’s a whole range of art styles to explore. You can let your creativity flow freely.

Of course, there are always books and images online for more inspiration.

Draw to your heart’s content

Take part in MTC’S DFG Youth Competition!

The design brief this year is a “Better Internet Campaign”, focusing on the core values of empathy, respect, responsibility and integrity. We want to raise awareness on media literacy, cyber wellness and how people can use the internet better. More details are found here:

The poster can be crafted through any means of design including digital programmes (Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc), a poster colour collage, or water or pencil colours.

The last day of submissions is 15 June.

The 5 winning teams (or individuals) will receive prizes, award certificates and a Social Enterprise Mentorship Program by MTC. On top of that, their campaign ideas may be adopted and implemented by the NGO with credit given to the winning teams.

“I will definitely support your organisation for coming up with such meaningful and value added events. My students and I have learned so much during the prize ceremony.” — Alan Huang, teacher at Methodist Girls’ School

Be the next Junior Masterchef

With so much time at home, wouldn’t this be the perfect opportunity to hone your culinary skills? Even if you’ve never held a spatula, don’t be afraid to try. You could use this as a way to bond with your kids and educate them on their own culture. For kids who are more adventurous, you could cook dishes from international cuisines. It’s a different way to explore the world!

Just make sure you take a detailed shopping list for your next large supermarket run.

Knit your own accessories

There are a myriad of projects to choose from and one unique idea is to DIY a knitted necklace. It’s versatile, gorgeous and a perfect addition to any wardrobe! What’s wonderful about knitting accessories is that you can use any yarn, fabric, ribbon and customise a gorgeous necklace in a myriad of colours. Even embellish the weave with beads, sequins, pearls or flowers.

We hope you’re inspired to do something new; and for you and your family to have the best time this June holidays!

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