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Internship Experience - Cedar Girls' Secondary

Kaith Goh
Written by Kait Goh
from Cedar Girls' Secondary School

After ending the academic year, I wanted to spend my holidays doing something meaningful and make a difference in society, as well as have the experience of what it would be like to work in an office job together with other students from different schools and my mentors. An internship at Make The Change fulfils all.

My 1 month internship at Make The Change provided me with the opportunity to be active in the community and the chance to be more involved as well as learn to further empathise with different communities, for example, people who have disabilities. Through this opportunity, the internship allowed me to understand the simple act of giving back to society that many of us tend to forget in our fast-paced lives. I came to realise that there are various simple yet impactful methods to extend a helping hand to the less fortunate.

As a Social Enterprise that is an integrated creative agency that provides digital marketing, advertising, and design services for corporates and NGOs, I was also exposed to entrepreneurship marketing and design skills, which I otherwise would not have a chance to venture into. I definitely also highly value the friendly and supportive working environment where I was always patiently guided by my mentors whenever I had questions about anything regarding the tasks I was given. They were always flexible with deadlines so I did not have to rush anything and could take my time to efficiently and effectively complete what I had to do. They also always made sure that I could clearly grasp the purpose of the activities as well as gain values and skills from them.

I truly thank them for their support and guidance at all times. It was an excellent chance to learn about and comprehend the company's culture better as well as gain an insightful and valuable hands-on experience at an office job. I also benefited from being allowed to listen in on meetings and have genuinely enjoyed working together with my colleagues and the friendships made with interns that I got to work with along the way during my time interning at Make The Change.

All things considered, I am truly appreciative for this internship opportunity which allowed me to grow not only as a person, but professionally through the use of both soft and hard skills.


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