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Internship Experience - St Andrews' Secondary

Students from St Andrew's Secondary
Students from St Andrew's Secondary

We recently had the pleasure of having a group of enthusiastic interns for a week-long internship. These young individuals brought fresh perspectives and energy to our team, contributing to various projects. Here are some of their key takeaways from the experience:

Embracing the Work Environment

"I have learned how it is like to be in a work environment and how people collaborate together to complete projects."

This insight highlights the transition from academic settings to professional environments, where collaboration and communication are essential for success. Working in a dynamic workplace provided the interns with a firsthand look at how professionals coordinate to achieve common goals.

The Importance of Teamwork

"Teamwork is very important for bigger loads of assignments as doing it solo can take long."

By working together, the interns learned how to divide tasks, leverage each other's strengths, and accomplish more efficiently than they could individually.

Contributing to Our Projects

Our interns were actively involved in compiling databases and brainstorming ideas for our marketing and outreach programs. Their fresh perspectives and innovative ideas contributed to the ideation process, enhancing our learning programs' reach and effectiveness.

Have a listen to what they have to say!

The week-long internship was not just an opportunity for these young individuals to gain experience; it was also a chance for us to learn from them.

We are excited to continue this journey of mutual learning and growth with future interns!


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