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Khadijah's Internship Experience - ITE Central

I have to admit that interning at Make The Change (MTC) was interesting because of the atmosphere and trust they give to the interns.

If I have to describe how it felt to work there. The adjectives would be friendly and nerve-racking. Friendly because everyone is willing to help you when they’re not as busy and nerve-racking because regardless of what your task with. You would experience new things.

Meaning having to brave your mistakes and learn from them.

I also learned a useful amount of skills. Such as using iPad functions which include; screenshot, screen record, airdrop and procreate. Most of it was taught by Jade

Other skills included lessons; Internet safety which teaches you to be kind, safe and smart. Filming which teaches you camera movements and composition. Social entrepreneurship and the different methods to a social problem and finally. Creative design and how to convey meaning through images.

Lastly, these are my true thoughts on MTC as a whole.

I think MTC is an amazing place to work, study or intern at. It’s definitely a place to grow as a person. If you’re flexible and open-minded to learn new skills and grow then you’ve come to the right place.

Her biggest animation project on social entrepreneurship will be shown soon!


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