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Learning Programme Graduation with PWDs

On 30th September, Make The Change organised a graduation ceremony for our PWD learners. They participated in different type of programmes with some successfully completing a multiple of them. The learning programmes comprises of Communication Design For Marketing, Marketing for the Digital Age, Website Design and E-commerce, Content Creation - Graphic Design, Content Creation - Video, Storytelling and Animation, Content Creation - Writing and Copywriting and Content Writing Programme.

These programmes were held over the last 2 years, with some being online due to the pandemic. The MTC committee together with the programme educators as well as the participants were more than delighted to be able to re-connect in person through this event.

These programmes were only made possible with the help from multiple parties and in particular, Jerome from SGEnable. We look forward to organising more learning programmes for many more PWD learners in the years to come!

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