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Less is More With Robert Gaxiola

It says a lot, when a creative veteran like Robert Gaxiola throws you the classic line of “less is more” for you to survive the advertising world of fast surpluses today.

This rhetoric doesn't seem like it makes any sense. It makes us restless and we can never quite settle.

How can you feel secure when your simple pitch competes against fancier counterparts? No one wants to end up on the other side of the bell curve.

How can you afford to not include all of the techniques and skills learnt? You paid the school fees.

Less is more, even in the creative field.

The world today screams overchoice. A layer of filter stacks another, stacks another.

With years of experience in the industry, Robert and his team beg to differ. It is okay to think very simply. Actually, simple wins because it makes it easy to communicate.

The heart of advertising is real communication. It is a marriage counsellor bringing the client and consumer together, with a blessed hope that this union will last.

The gold is found in decluttering. The cleaning of excess bombastic words. The rewinding of explosive colours into tones more familiar to our eyes.

There is something charming about you when you are raw. For instance, his team project on Greenfields milk focused on trust. They got the idea after exploring the milking process and Greenfield factories.

With that settled, their art direction headed straight for “honest milk”. Every design that they do revolved around this one glass of milk.

Another example comes from Bobson Jeans. Bringing the emphasis back to the brand’s japanese origins, the team reformed advertising strategies to add value for the consumer.

Being simple definitely does not equate to insincerity. It neither compromises on time nor research. Quite the contrary, it shows confidence and quality at its best. Nothing to hide, nothing to google for.


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