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Looking back at Apple New Media Programme 2022…

In collaboration with Apple Inc, Make The Change designed an experiential learning programme to educate Primary, Secondary/Pre-U school students on how to use social media and digital marketing technologies to create projects that raise awareness for social issues through marketing campaigns. Through the programme, students can truly understand how art can bridge communication between different people, providing them with a meaningful and memorable experience.

We collaborated with 27 different schools this year to introduce students of various ages to our Apple New Media Programme, allowing them to explore both soft and hard skills including many digital approaches and how to use them to reach out or simply raise awareness of current societal issues. We engaged students through the use of different digitals applications, such as GarageBand, Procreate, Jigspace, Keynote, AR Makr and many other applications to promote a a more interactive and enriching learning experience to the students. Using these applications, students were able to touch on skills ranging from photography and video production to even social entrepreneurship and digital marketing. Students will also have the opportunity to partake in nationwide competitions and apply what they have learnt through Value-In-Action initiatives.

Under the Digital for Life campaign, students of the Infocomm Media Club from several schools ran a workshop titled ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’, which was held at several community clubs as well as at an NTUC Health Day Centre. Using the knowledge that were gained through the Apple New Media Programme, the students then helped the seniors to learn some digital skills during the session, making it an act of #playitforward. Seniors who attended the workshop were able to get hands-on experience in learning video editing together with Augmented Reality. As they were closely assisted by the students, the close interaction also serves as an opportunity for the two generations to bond.

Apple New Media Programme 2023: What’s next?

As we believe that this programme has managed to engage, empower and educate students, we will be continuing the programme next year as well. In addition to this year’s fundamental tracks for Secondary School, we will be opening an advanced track for schools who have participated in fundamental tracks this year. We hope that the advanced track will be able to allow students to have further exposure to even more kinds of softwares and concepts.

This year’s fundamental track will also be expanded to Primary School students for next year. Similar to the programme for Secondary School students this year, students will get the opportunity to learn both soft and hard skills including different softwares and concepts.

Should you be interested, do make sure to register your interest for Apple New Media Programme 2023 through this link as soon as possible!

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