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Make The Change Design For Good Youth Competition 2020 Updates

Dear Design For Good Youth Competition Participants,

Thanks for joining our 2020 Youth Competition our judges had a very thought time selecting the best works, this year we received over 500 entries.

All the winners will receive a certificate, a surprise gift and a $300 voucher to attend any one of the Make The Changes Workshops in 2021. 

Some of the workshops we run are:

• Design Thinking for Social Innovations

• Digital Storytelling (Photography and Videography)

• Social Entrepreneurship

• Understanding the SGD Goals: Sustainable Development Goals

We will not be announcing the overall winner of the competition yet, since we want to give the students the best experience and have an award ceremony in early 2021. 

We will be opening the 2021 competition in January so our plan is to have the award ceremony for 2020 and 2021 together in April next year if the regulations allow us to meet.

Thanks for your understanding and your support. 

Here are is the list of winners:


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