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Make The Change with Youth Journey

Make The Change is delighted to work with Youth Journey — an initiative started by 4 Year 3 students studying Business and Social enterprise at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. They provide marketing skills to youths from low-income families aged between 16 to 21 years old.

During the session on 10th December, our team guided the youths through a board game which prompted them to think about their career choices, values and personality in life. Many deep, thought provoking questions were drawn during the game, and the youths had to dive deep into themselves to search for answers and reflect on their choices they have made in their lives.

Despite facilitating this game several times with different demographics and individuals, the answer and questions we heard has never failed to surprise and impress us. This session is no exception. The youths showed curiosity and purpose in the questions they asked and the answers given had maturity and deep consideration.

One memorable answer we have heard has been etched in our heads ever since the session. The question asked was how you handle stressful situations, and a youth answered “Just do what you love and smile, because you will portray and feel the positive vibes eventually.”

This message has served a very strong reminder to us, especially working adults, who are lost in the busy world with many responsibilities and burdens. We sometimes forget to take a break and just do what we like, or even smile. All we need is time for ourselves and as time goes by, we are able to find positivity amongst difficult times.

Our team had a blast with Youth Journey. It has been an inspiring and enriching journey with them. They have definitely broadened our perspective by allowing us to take a deeper look into them. We hope the session has been an informative and enlightening one for the youths as well. Make The Change is more than happy to organise more of such sessions with the youths and we definitely welcome Youth Journey back anytime for future collaborations!


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