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Rethinking what it means to be an Inclusive Workforce

Inclusive Workforce

The issue revolving around manpower crunch has been persistent and will continue to pose a problem to firms. Apart from leveraging on improved technology, firms must innovate and rethink their strategies not only to retain talent but also to hiring practices.

There are countless case studies and research conducted to prove the extensive benefits of having a diverse and inclusive workforce. These benefits include having a higher retention rate, a larger pool for innovative and creative solutions, and enhancing the organization’s culture and brand reputation. However, 7 in 10 Singapore firms still have yet to look into updating their diversity and inclusion policies.

What’s holding your Organisation back?

Identifying and addressing the underlying concerns of key stakeholders is critical for there to be progress with regard to practicing Including Hiring. Through our interviews with representatives from over 23 organisations, including MNCs such as BT Singapore Pte Ltd, Standard Chartered Bank, and Palo I.T, firms highlighted several key points about Inclusive Hiring.

1. Not enough conversation around the issue

A huge impact often starts small. On a micro level, employees play a crucial part in championing change. Creating the buzz and raising the topic at organisational meetings, town halls are ideal places for these conversations to start.

2. No catalyst to ignite change within the Organisation

While there has been a gradual shift in perceptions towards hiring inclusively, there are still many layers and hierarchies when it comes to making business decisions or changing organisational policies. We recognise the difficulties HR practitioners, managers, and even day-to-day employers face when pushing for change. Thus, the leaders and top management need to inculcate a strong inclusive culture.

3. A huge amount of resources are needed to create structural change

As an organization looking to hire inclusively, organisations believe there are many constraints and factors hindering them from changing their hiring practices. These include incurring high costs to change the infrastructure to make the working environment more inclusive, existing employees are not fully trained to communicate with inclusive talents. However, there are many existing grants and Government interventions to support businesses in their Inclusive Hiring Journey.

What’s next?

Reconfiguring how we approach these challenges is thus the key to addressing these challenges.

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Matt Damon
Matt Damon
Sep 14, 2022

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