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Stepping into the World of AR and VR

Make The Change recently had the pleasure of hosting an extraordinary workshop that transported young minds into the captivating realms of Augmented Reality (AR) at Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA). Our goal was to inspire and nurture the creativity of children, introducing them to the possibilities of the AR MAKR and Clips apps. Join us as we share the highlights of this exciting adventure of digital creation!

Unlocking Digital Creativity with Clips:

The workshop kicked off with Clips, a tool that allowed the children to string together captivating videos to create seamless storytelling experiences. With our guidance, they explored the art of editing videos and other features of the app, playing around with the different filters and animated posters available. They were also introduced to ‘Live Titles’, which automatically transcribed recorded audio. The children were then tasked with creating a self-introduction video with the skills they had learnt.

Unlocking Imagination with AR MAKR:

Next, the young participants delved into the realm of AR using AR MAKR, a remarkable app that empowers users to create their own AR experiences. They created animated characters that interacted with the environment and learnt to place virtual objects in their physical space. The AR features of MAKR allowed them to transform ordinary spaces and bring their wildest ideas to life.

Guy on beach drinking apple juice drawn by Ashley

One of the most interesting projects undertaken by the young participants during the workshop was the creation of a virtual zoo using all that they had learnt so far. With boundless enthusiasm and creativity, they used MAKR to seamlessly blend the real world with digital elements to bring their exotic zoos to life. With the Clips app, they then skillfully crafted a virtual tour, stringing together videos that showcased the animals and their habitats. Step into a world of wonder and imagination as we showcase the incredible works of the young artists who participated in the workshop!

Virtual zoo drawn by Allison

Virtual zoo video by Lynette

Collaboration was also at the heart of our workshop. The workshop fostered a safe environment for the children to work together, share ideas, and allowed them to show support for each other’s creative endeavors. It was heartwarming to witness the friendships that formed and the bonds they made as they explored the world of AR.

Our workshop was an unforgettable experience for both the children and our team. Through the AR MAKR and Clips app, we witnessed their imaginations soar, their creativity blossom, and their confidence grow. As they continue their journey into the digital age, we are excited to see how these young minds will shape the future with their newfound knowledge and passion for AR.


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