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Technology For Good

Digital Technology has transformed the way many businesses operate and support their employees. From communications platforms and collaboration software to smartphones, apps and virtual services, tech is an undeniably powerful force which drives the entire world, something that has become glaringly evident in this day and age.

But, when it comes to its impact on society, is it a force for good or for evil? Or perhaps, a little bit of both? And if that's the case, how do we focus on bringing out the good side of Technology? We would like to think that Technology For Good is a conscientious choice.

Over the years, technology has undoubtedly done more good for humanity than bad. We are on the cusp of half the world moving into the middle class and having access to internet, while more and more people around the world lifting themselves out of poverty. Despite this boom, with the rise of Big Tech, these companies are failing expectations instead of leading by example, and their fall from grace is a wakeup call.

Sexual harassment problems, tax evasion questions, election meddling, data privacy issues and questionable business practices are all raising the notion that the major tech companies are “too big to let be.” When the President of The United States of America, arguably the most powerful man in the world, can be censored on social media by Big Tech, it is indeed a scary thought to consider that literally anyone else in the world can be, too.

Employee activism too is on the rise, pushing issues like diversity, inclusion, transparency, ethical coding, and weaponization of artificial intelligence to the top of management agenda. All of this points to the need for the industry to realize that with great power comes great responsibility, and for Big Tech to held accountable for their actons and decisions.

On the bright side of things and to put your mind at ease, it is comforting to know that technology has always advanced with the purpose of making our lives better. Also remember that all technology was new at one point in time. Those who were open to new technology have been more likely to benefit from it. We should keep an open mind when new technology comes out or as current technologies continue to evolve.

Today’s world is built on the technology that humans have invented and advanced over thousands of years. The rate at which technology has advanced has made life almost indistinguishable from what life was like even a century ago. We are very much dependent on the technology we have. This dependence doesn’t just refer to your inability to put down your phone for more than a few hours -- it refers to the many technologies that you likely take for granted that may have saved your life and made your current life possible without you even realizing it.

Technology will only continue to advance, and because of how effective new technology is, it only means that it will continue to evolve at an even faster rate. The human race has been dependent on technology for its survival throughout its entire history, which means that the idea of stopping or slowing down is simply not a possibility. Technology must move forward and it will continue to evolve at a faster and faster rate to meet the challenges of today.

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