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The Desired Outcome - 21st Century Competencies

We need to make sure our students are prepared for the future.

That happens when we begin to teach subjects essential in life: social and emotional skills. These are how we connect with people and most importantly, feel empathy for others.

Make The Change has been looking at MOE’s set of ‘21st Century Competencies’, and it’s a goal that we have been on track in implementing in our own programmes.

Children need to experience their own self-awareness, manage their emotions, develop responsible decision-making, have social awareness and develop positive relationship management.

How then do we make an impact on students’ social-emotional development?

At MTC, we will help students in the various competencies and that includes their communication and critical thinking.

That’s why our projects are engaging, interactive and strongly believe in imparting the same desired outcomes.

So it doesn’t come as a surprise that our programmes have the goal of creating content about social good and digital literacy. A couple include:

MTC is also producing more programmes, so look out for them here!


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