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Unlocking Your Potential: Discover a World of Possibilities with the iPad

In an increasingly digital world, the power of technology knows no bounds. The iPad, a versatile and intuitive device, can become an excellent asset for you. It is crucial to recognize that the iPad is not just a tool for the able-bodied but a gateway to a world of endless opportunities and independence.

Technology has become a great equalizer, breaking down barriers and leveling the playing field for individuals with disabilities. The iPad, with its array of accessibility features, has emerged as a powerful tool for empowering these individuals to connect, learn, and express themselves like never before.

We are Make The Change, a social enterprise that loves to empower people, and we have been providing training for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) for over five years. We invite you to join us in our upcoming iPad learning courses*. With the Temasek Trust-CDC Lifelong Learning Enabling Fund, you can attend our course for free AND get an iPad too**!

The iPad can open doors to new career opportunities. Learning to use it effectively can empower individuals to pursue remote work, freelancing, or entrepreneurship, providing financial independence and flexibility. It can also be an excellent tool for self-expression and creativity.

The iPad is not merely a device but a gateway to a world of possibilities, independence, and empowerment for individuals with disabilities. By enrolling in an iPad course, you are taking the first step toward unlocking your full potential in the digital age.

Sign up for our upcoming course here: Drawing with iPad (28 & 29 September)

*Please note that these courses are designed for PWDs only.

**comes with 2 years warranty, an iPad cover and screen protector.

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