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Why do we need Social Intelligence in schools?

At Make The Change we are always innovating and we are improving our programmes. We have always incorporated Social Intelligence to our programmes, but what is Social Intelligence?

Are our IQs, or book smarts, the only kind of intelligence we need to pay attention to?

Outside of academics, teachers want their students to grow up with social and emotional skills.

It’s why there’s so much emphasis placed on school values and what they represent, especially when students attend programmes outside of the curriculum.

Our social intelligence is a skill that is developed throughout our lives and it involves someone’s ability to connect to those around them.

At Make The Change, we hope to develop the core traits of social intelligence in all students. Our course will cater toward helping them

  • Become Effective Listeners

Those with social intelligence really pay attention to what someone is saying and both sides would feel that they were understood. It’s so important that students practice active listening; and that they are able to understand their teachers and classmates.

  • Be Open-Minded

It’s easy to argue with others when things don’t go the way you want it to. If someone has high social intelligence, they understand that making someone else feel bad isn’t the way to settle a difference of opinion.

  • Improve Conversational Skills

Many people lack this skill, especially at a young age. It’s not only being able to converse with everyone in a room in any setting, but to be sincere, appropriate and tactful.

  • Respect Different Cultures

Even if they are of a different upbringing, students should seek to learn from those of another race or religion. It will help them broaden their understanding of the world around them.

Do you want to learn more about Social Intelligence and how apply it in your school?

Look out for our new course on Social Intelligence. Students will improve on their empathy, how well they respond to others’ emotions, and better their social skills.

To learn more please email us at

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