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Yay, Design For Good is joining X-hebit!

The DFG team is really happy to announce our partnership with Singapore’s circular events platform, X-hebit!

As a platform to help source for eco-friendly venues and other event essentials, X-hebit is an open, responsible and convenient one-stop channel that gathers all these resources into one place.

Looking at the bigger picture, event management has always been an area with immense potential to reach deeper into the roots of environmental consciousness.

Often, many of these events take up a lot of resources only to be used once or twice. This results in high and sometimes, unnecessary costs on the organisers.

So where does Design For Good come in?

Sustainability calls for the culture of mainstream door gifting to change, with more environmentally options mushrooming across the landscape as potential alternatives.

Here are DFG's top 3 ecogifts:

Braided by hand, our assorted rugs are made from excess fabrics sold by huge manufacturing factories. By weaving new life into unwanted fabrics, these lovely rugs are interesting conversation starters that complete the look of any well-lived space.

On the other hand, their smaller counterparts take up the spotlight on dining tables, coffee tables and kitchen counters alike. Not only are our assorted coasters up-cycled, they also come in two reversible sides. Washable and child-friendly, they can be reused as well.

Lastly, our handphone stands are the newest addition this Christmas. Crafted from quality pine pallets, these handphone stands are up-cycled to hold your gaze through your favourite television series.

With these three products launching on X-hebit, we are super hyped to be part of the shift towards a more environmentally-concious culture in event management locally.

For more details, check out the platform at


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