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In collaboration with Apple, IMDA and Meshminds this programme is part of the New Media Learning Roadmap for Infocomm Media Clubs. 

This initiative forms a crucial component of the Infocomm Media Clubs' New Media Learning Roadmap. During this program, participants will delve into various key areas:

- Social Innovations and Entrepreneurship

- Digital Marketing and Media

- Videography and Photography


Furthermore, participants will cultivate their media proficiency through hands-on experience with tools like Keynote, Clips, and Augmented Reality (AR) applications such as AR Makr and Reality Composer.

Students can join the roadmap since Primary School and continue their journey in Secondary School


New Media Jr

 Duration: 24 Hours

Secondary School


 Duration 26 Hours

Secondary School


Duration 26 Hours

Secondary School 

Advanced Videography

Duration 26 Hours


Augmented Reality

Duration 26 Hours

Primary School

Primary School 
New Media Jr

In this programme, students will discover how to use Apple Technologies to create versatile content that can be utilized across different platforms. The curriculum will include topics such as videography, photography, augmented reality, podcasting, and digital drawing. As a social enterprise and B Corporation, all the projects that students work on will have a social element to them.


Secondary School

The programme focuses on teaching students fundamental skills in using Apple Technologies to create content for various platforms. The curriculum covers a range of topics, including videography, photography, augmented reality, podcasting, and digital drawing. As a social enterprise and B Corporation, all the projects that students work on will have a social element to them.


Secondary School

Once students finish the fundamental level, they will progress to the intermediate program. Here, they will acquire more in-depth skills to create content using Apple technologies. As a social enterprise and B Corporation, all the projects that students work on will have a social element integrated into them.


Secondary School
Advanced Videography 

Once students have completed the fundamentals and intermediate levels, they can choose to specialize in a particular area. For the videography track, students will learn how to create videos using professional editing tools on their iPads. By the end of the program, students will be proficient in all aspects required to create professional-looking videos.

Advaced Video

Secondary School
Advanced Augmented Reality 

After finishing the fundamentals and intermediate levels, students have the option to specialize in a specific field. In the augmented reality track, they will learn how to use Augmented Reality on their iPads and create and manipulate virtual settings. This programme will also focus on digital drawing in detail, enabling students to use their creations and import them into Augmented Reality.

Advnced AR

Skills that the students will learn


Students will unleash their creative potential as they dive into the world of videography. Students will learn the videography process, from meticulous pre-production planning to capturing breathtaking shots during shooting, and finally, the artful post-production phase.

Digital Photography with iPad

Students will unlock the power of photography with the iPad as their lens. Students will discover how to capture stunning digital photos using the versatile functions on their iPad, from mastering the camera settings to capturing their creative vision. 

Augmented Reality

Students will Embark on an exciting journey into the world of Augmented Reality (AR). Students will explore AR environments and gain hands-on experience in creating their own AR experience.


Students will unleash their inner artist in the digital realm!


Using iPads as their  canvas, students will learn the techniques and tools to create stunning artworks.


Students will embark on a captivating journey into the world of podcasting and learn how to tell compelling stories using the power of audio.

From crafting engaging narratives to mastering the technical aspects, students will gain the skills and confidence to become a skilled podcaster.

Project Management

Students will elevate their project management skills and learn how to do project planning, execution, and control.

Digital Marketing

Students will unleash the full potential of digital marketing and dive into the dynamic world of online promotion, social media strategies, SEO, content marketing, and more.

Change Maker Mindset

Students will Unlock the power of change and innovation as they discover how to develop a changemaker mindset that empowers them to drive positive change in their life and community.

Application Process

  1. Show interest in applying to the programme by contacting us

  2. Make The Change will share with you the schedule template.

  3. The school will fill out the schedule and submit it to us for endorsement.

  4. The endorsed schedule needs to be submitted to IMDA for their approval

  5. IMDA will approve the application 

  6. The class will start on the agreed date in the schedule

IMDA fully funds the Class so the school needs to follow the terms and conditions given by IMDA

Your students can showcase their learnings in real-life projects and competitions.

New Media comp.png

New Media Competition

The New Media Competition presents an excellent opportunity for students to demonstrate their ability to utilize technology to make a positive impact on society. In this competition


SERVE Programme 

During the programme, students can give back and practice their values in action in society by supporting different social initiatives and working with various social sector organizations.

  • Visual Compositions
    This module acts as a design orientation and focuses on: • Design appreciation and communication • Fundamentals and principles of design • Colour fundamentals and theories • Idea development • Research development • Protocols and processes
  • Publishing Tools
    Students learn Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator fundamentals and are equipped with necessary skills to stay relevant in the digital age. The module will cover: ADOBE PHOTOSHOP ● Understanding Adobe Photoshop tools and work area ● Working with Adobe Photoshop layers and masking features ● Understanding colour modes and colour correction ● Working with transparencies, blending mode, paths and clipping paths ● Filters and plug-ins ● File formats, smart objects, etc. ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR ● Understanding the workspace of a vector-based environment ● Basic layout techniques ● Drawing with Adobe Illustrator ● Working with layers, transparencies, graphic styles ● Precision drawing with Adobe Illustrator ● Path operations, masking and filters ● Creating proofs (draft, print, press)
  • Fundamentals and Application of Layout Design
    This module will provide the students with the opportunity to develop layout skills and understanding needed to create page layout solutions using typography, design elements, design principles and grid system. Students will learn the practical composition layout conventions used to effectively layout content combining with type and image. Expected learning outcomes: • Identify the form, anatomy of a page and various page structures • Use appropriate grid system for page layout composition • Apply visual elements and design principles to create layout composition • Develop design layout sense and layout skills
  • Typography and Communication Design
    Discover how typography forms a visual unit, utilising graphic design to create an outstanding piece of work through a greater emphasis in typography and graphic design.How to deliver accurate information with communication design, as well as: ● Type evolution and history ● The graphic designer’s layout grid ● Typography as a visual language ● Working within a given space and a body of information ● How typography affects graphic design ● Type anatomy, measurements, classifications, styles and weights ● Type spaces (kerning, tracking, leading, etc.) ● Applying variations in layouts and identifying common mistakes ● Creative research, how to get inspiring ideas and applying through art direction ● Choosing the right photo or cropping the wrong photo ● File formats
  • Advanced Layout for Marketing and Promotion
    Highlights important aspects on how structuring is done using cohesive editorial content, grids, and components through Adobe InDesign. Students will also learn content gathering and create personalities and tone for publication. • Editorial design and its objectives • Anatomy of a publication • Creating layouts • Essential layout skills

Schools that are part of the programme

Damai Secondary School

Loyang View Secondary School

Pei Cai Secondary School

Boon Lay Secondary School

Millenia Institute 

Dunman Secondary School

Fuhua Secondary School

Orchid Park Secondary School

Yusof Ishak Secondary School.

School of Science and Technology 

Holy Innocents High Schoo

Yuhua Secondary School

Edgefield Secondary School

Gan Eng Seng Secondary School

Northbrook's Secondary School

Mayflower Secondary School

Christ Church Secondary School

Bedok South Secondary School

Hua Yi Secondary School

Presbyterian High School

Seng Kang Secondary School

Greendale Secondary School

Nan Hua High School

Greendridge Secondary School

Ngee Ann Secondary School

As  part of our commitment to support the environment Make The Change will offset the carbon emissions that occurred during the program
Get your students on board of the New Media Trends
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