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MTC @ IMDA's Value-In-Action Programme

Over the past few weekends, Make The Change has been rendering our assistance for IMDA’s digital workshops for seniors. Under the Digital for Life campaign, the workshop titled ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ was held at several community clubs as well as at an NTUC Health Day Centre.

What makes these workshops even more meaningful was that they were run by students of the Infocomm Media Club from several schools. Using the knowledge that were gained through the Apple New Media programme by MTC, the students then helped the seniors to learn some digital skills during the session, making it an act of #playitforward.

Seniors who attended the workshop were able to get hands on experience in learning video editing together with Augmented Reality. As they were closely assisted by the students, the close interaction also serves as an opportunity for the two generations to bond.

Overall, it was a win-win situation for everyone. The seniors were able to gain new skills that will help them to stay relevant in our current digital climate and the students benefit from getting first hand experience in coaching and teaching along with interacting with the seniors.


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