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5 Things We Loved from Festival For Good 2017

We hope everyone enjoyed Festival For Good 2017 as much as we do!

Stacking three storeys high, lyf@SMU had been a cosy space for over 70 social enterprises to gather and celebrate one another. According to raiSE, over 5,500 people dropped by to be #partofthegood that Saturday. That's a cray big number, and we are seriously thankful and humbled to be one of the social enterprises featured there.

After some thought over the weekend, we came up with 5 of our favourite things from Festival For Good this year.

1. It's a potluck party for social good

The location's great, and the venue also included a purple ramp to facilitate wheelchair access. Although mobility would probably still be challenging with the huge crowd, we appreciate the effort to create an inclusive space for all.

Decked out in delight, every social enterprise brought a unique portion unto the table from flower arrangements to experiencing the dark. With introductory talks and special performances by awesome singers like @thecoldcutduo, the ambience was lit.

2. The raiSE in awareness is a-m-a-z-i-n-g

We had the chance to chat with many people who came by, and many of them first heard of the event via Facebook. Others brought their friends over while some saw the event posters along Dhoby Ghaut MRT station. There were also many overseas friends from countries like the UK, Hong Kong and France. This raiSE (haha) in awareness has been so incredible, and it is so nice to see how the outreach and publicity of the festival has gone above and beyond to attract a lovable crowd.

Without such great storytelling ideas and platforms for publicity, we wouldn't have been able to meet so many like-minded friends and even exchange contacts for further conversation. Here's a shoutout to our event organiser raiSE, for their persevering commitment to help social enterprises find their own voice in Singapore.

3. We are truly a diverse bunch

Even within the same category, every social enterprise had their own business model and idea to make their own enterprise sustainable. We had the chance to walk around and check out how our fellow peers have been up to. There were tons of great ideas and inspiring people, like our neighbours Innervate CrossFit, Hello Flowers, Freedom Cups and the Nail Social.

All of us were able to have a bird eye's view of what sustainable impact looks like, financially and socially.

4. People were there for a reason

The location's great, and having it in a huge, independent indoor space also meant that those who dropped by had the intention to know more about social entrepreneurship. That is always heartening to see :')

Furthermore, we were pleasantly surprised at how warm and receptive people are to volunteering. We made many new friends who are looking to start their own social enterprise, and others who were interested to help out here and there. This really means a lot to us.

5. Our students are legit social entrepreneurs!

Last but definitely not the least, we are so so so proud of our students. Our students from Pioneer Junior College went for MTC's flagship Social Entrepreneurship programme and kickstarted social enterprises of their own. They had their own ideas, and reached out to liaise with the communities that they wanted to help, sourced for and showcased their eventual fruits of labour.

All in all, we want to say a huge thank you to our event organiser, raiSE, for gathering and supporting us so far. The journey has been amazing and we look forward to many more fruitful experiences ahead.


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