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Design For Good: Before and After

If you have been following us for some time, you will probably know that Design For Good is moving towards our very first year with the Krafters in Cambodia!

A lot of growth has happened in our first year, as both teams in Cambodia and Singapore work together for progress. So, what has changed before and after Design For Good?

We ran a short interview with the Krafters in Phnom Penh to see what they have to say.

Q: The main before-and-after difference?

1. Learning to adapt to customer orders

2. Producing better quality products

3. Improving in time-management to send products on time

Q: The most difficult challenge so far?

The rug-braiding team feels that their main challenge is still to produce a quality rug by hand as the sewing process is not easy. Gradually, each member learnt how to work independently as well as in a team. Having said that, the production of their handmade products is also becoming more manageable overtime.

Q: How is everyone's financial situation now?

While many are waiting to settle their debts, Solutions to End Poverty (STEP) has already stepped in to collect their financial data and explore the potential of partnering with banks for micro-financing loans. Their products have also been sold in Cambodia and overseas, in Singapore and Switzerland.

Q: Example of how living conditions became better?

Ms. Kong Pov and Mr. Chay Yeng work in two of the teams in SMILE Village. To the two of them, the one year brought about a very big difference to their family. Compared to her previous situation, Ms Kong Pov can now better support her children's education, food and other expenses such as water, electricity and home rental.

Q: What did the Krafters learn from their fellow team members?

As a team, the Krafters started working together after becoming neighbours in SMILE Village. A first for many of them, this was a chance for them to learn from each other. They learnt how to work together and produce good quality works.

Q: What are the Krafters' dreams now?

Similar to when we first met them, the team still has the same answer when we asked them about their dream. A step closer today, they hope that their debts will be resolved completely, so that they can start afresh and get their own home in the future.


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