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Farewell Airic!

We bid farewell to our colleague of 7 years as he moves on to greater heights and begins his new adventure beyond Make The Change. When Airic first joined us, he was a young boy with big ambitions. He started his journey in Make The Change as a customer satisfaction specialist, but slowly moved to become a photographer/videographer as he expressed interest in photography and videography. Through these 7 years, we watched him grow from a boy to a married man with an adorable child, but his personality still remained the same ‒ playful, quirky and loves free food.

We have created many amazing and lasting memories with Airic, but here are our top 5 best memories with him.

1. Company Retreat - Bali

Our team had a blast during the Bali Trip! Even though Airic was down with a fever, it did not stop him from having fun and fooling around during the entire trip. While he had his fair share of fun, the downside was that he missed out on many good foods because his fever suppressed his appetite.

2. Marina One Filming

It was a tiring but eventful 2 day shoot at Marina One! It was our first time filming with a Go-Pro but Airic was able to lead and direct the team to complete the shoot smoothly.

Fun fact: He had to leave the shoot halfway as his wife was going into labour!

3. I’m Soul Inc Event

It was a hectic day for Airic as he had to push and shove his way through the crowds in order to snap amazing pictures for I’m Soul Inc. We even met the then transport minister Khaw Boon Wan!

4. Workshops

Other than videography and photography, Airic also taught students. His goofiness brought more fun and liveliness to the workshops that we conduct!

5. Yearly birthday celebration

Airic loves free food so his favourite occasions are probably birthday celebrations, anniversaries and holidays!

Special mention

His favourite Crayon Shin Chan T-Shirt that he got on Shoppee for $7. He wears this shirt every week without fail. He even coincidentally matched with our intern, Jeremin, who had the same shirt. Airic even brags that he got the shirt for cheaper

We had witnessed his growth since he joined us 7 years ago and we are proud of his achievements. We wish him all the best for his future endeavours and he will always hold a place in our heart! All the best Airic!


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