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For better mental health, we need a change in scenery

Everyday what we see, hear and experience changes our moods. A stressful environment causes us to even feel sad or helpless, which will elevate our blood pressure and even affect our immune system.

A pleasing environment will help with that.

There’s a calmness that overcomes us when we’re surrounded by verdant gardens and towering forests, especially when we’ve felt closed in by dense urbanisation and wall-to-wall HDB flats.

Here are some parks and nature reserves you can visit, plus their highlights!

  • Visit the TreeTop Walk — a free-standing suspension bridge connecting the two highest points in MacRitchie.

  • An untouched ecological park, with marsh and forest trails, lakes and no man-made paths.

  • It features nine historical gardens and visitors can go through the AR trail, BALIKSG.

  • The quarry at Pond Plaza is filled with a tranquil, clear lake.

  • It’s Singapore’s largest freshwater farmland. Explore sites like Raptor Tower, Kingfisher Burrow, and the floating boardwalk at Reed Crossing.

  • Rent a bike for a leisurely cycle and look out for the jetty and beaches.

  • Check out the Jewel and Sunrise bridges

  • Trek up Singapore’s tallest hill, with trails and 163-metre high slopes.

  • Try the Aerie Tower, Mid-Canopy Walk, Eagle Point Boardwalk and Kingfisher Pod, and the Junior Adventure Trail.

  • Their mountain biking trail is perfect for cycling enthusiasts (ranging from easy to extremely difficult paths)

Whether you need a pause or to escape from your worries, let nature breathe life back into you.

Just make sure you pack bug repellent before you go.


Kapee Fitshop
Kapee Fitshop
3 days ago

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