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How Can Your Company Become an Environmentally Friendly Company?

The world that we are living in has reached a serious warning level for our environment and nature. The consequences can be felt everywhere on earth. These consequences have resulted in many lives lost, and many businesses affected. Countries now need to strategically rethink about how they can combat climate change , with new rules and regulations to aid businesses to go green. Companies that decide to make a change might have a better reputation overall, and garner attention from customers who are willing to fork out more money for products and services that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

1. Start Eco-Friendly Programs

As an exemplar, you can start a small-scale change in your workplace.

Some of these changes can be:

  • Starting a recycling program in your office.

  • Asking the cafeteria to avoid the unnecessary use of plastic, such as straws and other packaging.

  • Encouraging your personnel to save energy by powering down their computers and monitors when not in use.

  • Providing rewards for employees who make the effort in the eco-friendly program.

2. Get Everyone on Board

Having a ‘Green Team’ of employees who will brainstorm and help implement environmentally friendly changes in the workplace can be effective in kickstarting the green movement internally.

Additionally, encouraging and rewarding employees who display environmentally conscious behavior will also help.

3. Audit Yourself

Begin by getting a holistic picture of your current environmental practices. It is vital to identify areas for improvements and act on them.

Try to find out how to make the process of your factories more efficient and eco-friendly.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • Can we switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy?

  • What about our suppliers or our business partners? What are their environmental practices like, and can we switch to more eco-friendly alternatives?

4. Review and Adapt

As you tick each item off the list, review your progress and adapt if necessary. As your business changes and grow, your priorities may change.

Adapt your plan as you go, and ensure that environmental considerations are part of your business planning. It is important to continue making progress towards being as environmentally friendly as possible in all aspects of your business.

5. Plan Earth Day and Other Environmental Events

Raising awareness of green issues should start within the company first. This can be done through company events for your employees to find out more in a fun and engaging way.

Once your employees are aligned on their environmental impact plans, they would be better equipped to promote your company’s products to environmentally conscious customers.

You looking to start a green programme in your company?

Get in touch with us Make The Change is on the way to becoming Carbon Neutral by 2030 and will like to share our experiences.



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