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How to track Carbon Footprint and Carbon Footprint Offset

Zayn Toghyan
MTC Freelance Writer

The first thing that matters is finding a way to measure your carbon footprint. Knowing your carbon footprint can help you make better purchasing decisions.

Recent surveys show that the majority of Americans agree that climate change is a serious problem requiring urgent actions. As reality starts to set in, the next step is to learn what we can do about it.

There is no single-simple-solution to climate change, but individuals are not powerless to make a good change. Carbon offset programs, when done right, are one way to maximize your efforts towards achieving a sustainable world. It may be just a drop in a bucket, but collectively it can still fill a bucket.

What are Carbon Offsets?

Carbon offsetting is a tool designed to help people reduce their carbon emissions. Offsets work by letting you compensate for your day-to-day greenhouse gas emissions through funding environmental programs that remove or avoid an equal amount of emissions. Though it’s common for large businesses to offset their greenhouse gas emissions, it’s now an increasingly popular way for individuals to reduce their own carbon footprint, too.

Here are ways to navigate the world of carbon offsets:

1_ Calculate your emissions

If you wish to do it, you can start by downloading a few Apps. There are many highly recommended Apps for both Android users and IOS users that can be downloaded for one to achieve carbon footprint offset. The apps are, The Klima, Earth Hero, Carbon footprint, CO2 tracker and others….

As mentioned above, to reduce the emissions and carbon footprint offset, you must calculate them first. If you do not have time to do it yourself, there are companies that offer services to do it on your behalf.

2_ Start the emissions reduction

Start it from home by some small- energy saving habits. According to research, every Singaporean spends $1000 for electricity every year, which is above average. You can minimise your emissions by unplugging the unused devices, take shorter showers and do some other small but impactful practices. Doing all these things will help you to save up and reduce the carbon emissions.

3_ Choose an offset project

If you are running a company, then you have to ensure that there is an offset project for the company emission’s reduction and carbon footprint offset. This is crucial as climate change is affecting our earth more and more each day. Since more people are paying attention to these disaster warnings, having a good carbon footprint offset can be considered as a good bonus and will promote your company.

4_ Rethink about F & B and consumptions

Since, F & B are responsible for the 1.4% of carbon footprint emissions, choose to consume from companies that are taking actions about their emission’s reductions. You can make more personal decisions as well, such as less meat consumption and increase the level of vegetables intake instead.

So, let’s not forget to play our individual role as a responsible citizen of the earth for Green gas reduction.

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