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In the Business of Changemaking (Part 1)

It’s time to take out the party hats! Make The Change (MTC) is turning 4 next month!

Moving along with the celebratory spirit, let’s grab some tacos and see what our business development manager, Pedro Aguirre, have to say as MTC treads deeper into the waters of the socio-creative landscape.

Q1: Congrats Pedro! MTC is 4 years old! how do you feel?

It is great to see how everything just started with an idea. It has since evolved into a movement. This movement has been incited by so many people who are trying to make the change for the world to be a better place.

Q2: What are the 4 most rewarding MTC highlights for you so far?

The 4 most rewarding highlights are (1) winning the Commendation Award on the Start-Up category for the Singapore President’s Challenge in 2015, (2) kickstarting our creative programmes for PWDs, (3) reaching out to secondary schools to empowering the next generation of changemakers and (4) starting the Design For Good(DFG) movement.

Q3: What are the challenges that MTC faced and how did you and your team overcome it?

We faced many challenges along the way, and we overcame them with nothing less than hard work and the support of our team and community. When we first started out, our main challenge was to build up trust. As a fresh entrant, we had to set the tone and be true to our word. Only then can we grow to be a credible name overtime.

Q4: If you have to give an analogy to MTC’s journey since birth, what would it be?

It would be an adventure to make the world a better place.

Q5: What do you envision for MTC’s future, now that we are inching to half-a-decade old?

MTC will continue to build up her community and expand. We envision to initiate more exciting projects for good. We also strive to extend our reach and create sustainable impact to a larger community.


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