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Inclusive Hiring for Business Growth Workshop

In the month of October, Make The Change in Collaboration with raiSE Singapore organised a workshop on inclusive hiring. Titled ‘Inclusive Hiring Workshop for Business Growth’, the workshop was geared towards corporates to gain more awareness as well as understanding the benefits of inclusive hiring to a company.

During the event, guest speakers from companies who have incorporated Inclusive Talents into their organization were invited to share their experience. They shared their considerations along with some tips that can be implemented for others who are keen to start the journey of inclusive hiring in their own company . An inclusive talent also joined the event and talked about his perspective in trying to get employed and adapting into the workplace he is currently in.

The session ended with a consultation session where specific enquiries were raised on different stages of how to implement inclusive hiring to each organisation.

What’s Next?

If you’re interested in joining a similar session or would like to know more about inclusive hiring, do leave us an enquiry here.

You can also access the Inclusive Hiring Toolkit by raiSE Singapore here. The toolkit is developed by raiSE to help organisations transform their business, culture and work practices by creating an inclusive workplace through inclusive hiring. To empower you to take a step towards celebrating diversity and embracing inclusivity, the toolkit package contains a guidebook and an exclusive podcast by a Social Enterprise, Make the Change, featuring Ham Creations, an Inclusive Hiring advocate

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