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Top 10 PwD Friendly Organisations in Singapore (Part 2)

Singapore, being one of the first world nations, aims to be more inclusive in the workplace in the coming years. However, many companies are hesitant to take that step due to the lack of knowledge and a misperception of high costs of integration into their operations. Thankfully, with the help of SG Enable, more companies have taken steps towards a more inclusive workplace culture. Continuing on our two-part series on PWD friendly organisations, here are some of our local trailblazers.

In partnership with SG Enable, these are the top 10 PWD friendly companies - ranked by the following qualities: (Ranking System)

If you have missed out on Part 1 of our series, click here to find out more.

  • Opportunities for Progression

  • PWD Friendly arrangements

  • Inclusiveness culture

Team Singapore Para Sailor Apple Yap Qian Yin has benefitted from her role as finance executive in the company. Pan Pacific made washrooms wheelchair-friendly and gave her a dedicated access card to get around easily. Apple lived a fulfilling life - managing and consolidating accounts in the day while training for competition in the night. Pan Pacific not only made it PWD friendly but possible for Apple to continue to pursue her passion as a sportsman. If you are someone keen on the hospitality industry, Pan Pacific might be somewhere you like to consider.

At KK, they have hired more than eight staff with disabilities believing that their physical limitations does not stop them from contributing to society. KK made provisions for Linli, a wheelchair bound administrative staff, by providing a larger space for movement and a personalised photocopier within her reach. She has been working there for almost a decade now and was also awarded for her excellence in service by President Tony Tan in 2012. KK is an example of an inclusive environment for those aspiring to work in the healthcare sector.

Singtel empowered their disabilities staff to progress further b y giving them their own voice in the Group Sustainability department where they look at making retail stores more accessible for PWDs. To accommodate their needs, Singtel made certain adjustments with a special staff pass that can be detected and would automatically open the doors for their PWD staff. Also, there have been open discussion with the PWD's supervisors and colleagues to understand their condition better to know when is appropriate to provide help. By tending to the physical and emotional needs of the PWDs, Singtel ensures an inclusive and empowering environment for all.

In one of the offices at Barclays, the staff communicates a little differently from the rest - via sign language. Barclay empowers their PWD employees by teaching their team members basic sign language words and simple deaf etiquette. Beyond that, Barclays provide a platform through Reach Disability network for other colleagues to interact with the PWD staff and learn more about the disability etiquette. This enable Barclays employees to better empathise with the PWDs. With more platforms available, I believe Barclays will effectively integrate more PWDs into their inclusive culture in the coming days.

Just like any human will have their strengths and weaknesses, GovTech believes that disabilities will not dampen the PWD's ability to contribute to the workforce. GovTech's culture seeks to amplify team effectiveness and cover each other's weaknesses; leading to their high performance. Employees are also welcoming and encouraging that spurs our PWD staff on in their daily operations. Career progression is also readily provided as GovTech sends their PWD staff for upgrade and certification and most comes back with flying colours. If you are a tech junkie, GovTech may provide you a sustainable career doing what you like!

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