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We Are flying to Phnom Penh!

It's the start of the New Year and Design For Good is making a trip to Phnom Penh again!

Since our last trip in May 2017, our team has been working closely with the Krafters in Cambodia in the choice of materials, product development cycle, logistics and delivery procedures while keeping each other in sync with the bigger picture (eg. feedback from customers, event exposure).

We are thankful for growth in so many ways. For one, we have a more streamlined process in the sending and receiving of orders, with a more precise colour chart to reduce chances of miscommunication.

Moving forward, we are looking at how our whole team can grow further in tandem with SMILE Village's plans in the future.

Aligning ourselves with their ABCD (assets-based-community-development) model, we seek first to understand what are the strengths, skills and talents of the community before looking for ways to develop them into sustainable businesses.

Not only are we looking forward to seeing our Krafters again, we also want to show our appreciation for their hard work invested in so far :')


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